Pleasant Valley Sunday

Springtime! Finally! I have been so tired of winter this year and freezing my ass off. Just seems as though it has dragged on this year. But I have vegetables planted in the garden now and am up a little earlier than I typically am so I can get things watered and cared for in the garden. I am quite happy with myself. Plenty of little green heads popping up everywhere. A good start for the garden this season.I am putting up the hose and about to go inside when I hear an odd commotion from my neighbors yard. I only have the one neighbor as I live on a corner lot with an alley behind me.I got a smoking deal on the house that I bought as an investment and then spent the time fixing it myself. There was a lot of work to be done – hence the deal.

My neighbor moved in 5 years ago with his wife and two daughters. We don’t talk or interact with each other. I know their names only because I hear them on occasion. His name is John. His wife is Alexis but gets called Lex most of the time. The older daughter is Samantha and goes by Sam and Jenna is the younger sister and goes by Jen. The conversation I had with my neighbor was a couple of years ago when they bought a dog and there were a couple of boards missing from the 6 foot privacy fence. It wasn’t high on my radar to fix, but as they were getting a dog John wanted to be in my yard for a couple of minutes to attach some new boards. I told him if he just left the boards by the fence I would gladly put them up. The dog they got was a dalmatian and they named it Spot. Holy shit you have to be kidding me. If that dog were to go to school he would be teased endlessly.

As I hear this commotion I walk over to the fence. One of the boards has a knot hole near the top of it. It is the perfect size and I have to bend over a little to see through it as I am over 6 feet tall. It keeps you well hidden though. Not as though there is anything to see. Don’t get me wrong, Lex and the girls are all hot but they don’t do anything. Not even like lay out and tan in the summer. Looking through the knot hole would gain me a glance of their grass growing. Hell, I can get that on my side of the fence. So not expecting much I bend down a little and put my face to the fence and HOLY SHIT!! There is Sam on her hands and knees with Spot knotted to her. Turned ass to ass and filling her up with hot doggy sperm. Guess he won’t be made fun of after all. Sam has her hand between her legs and fingering her clit which is what I was hearing as she gets closer to orgasming on Spot’s cock.

My own cock was hardening by the second. I mean it is like one of those WTF moments. The train wreck you can’t stop watching. I always considered my neighbors kind of boring and plain so this was a total shock to see. And maybe they are kind of plain, but Sam is a whole different story. I unhooked my belt, undid my button and unzipped my pants so I could get my cock out. Sam is mostly dressed. Her skirt flipped up over what is just the firmest, most perfectly rounded ass you could ever imagine. I don’t see panties anywhere and maybe she didn’t wear any if she knew she would be doing this? I start stroking my cock for all it’s worth since they had a considerable head start on me. I know this is so wrong on so many levels, I mean like legal shit and animal abuse and maybe some home dynamics that should be looked into, but mother fucker, this was amazing to watch! I know it has been awhile since having a woman in my life and I am sure that is part of my not looking away.

I see Sam’s hand moving faster and faster and can hear her getting closer to orgasm. Right then Spot starts to pull his cock out. He gets the knot out and Sam creams herself as she cums. I watch as his red dick slides from her – a trail of dog semen runs from Sam’s pussy. Spot stands there with his cock hanging between his legs licking at it while Sam licks her fingers clean with what has to be a mix of her juices and Spot’s seed. That is all I can take and shoot a huge load of cum on the fence. I watch as Sam gets up and straightens her skirt. Spot hops around her all excited as they go back into the house. I get my shit back together and go inside so I can take off for work. Not like I can tell anyone at work about this. They would be telling me to call the cops. And if I didn’t and they did … would I be like an accomplice or a peeping Tom. I will just not say a word about it and put it out of my mind.

Right – out of my mind huh? Next morning I am taking care of my garden when I hear the neighbors’ back door open. I hear Spot running along the fence and then he pisses right where I was standing and dribbled cum all over. I walk over to the fence and tell myself not to do it but then I look through the hole. This time I didn’t show up late. I see Sam bent over and stroking the dog’s cock. Spot is humping away at her hand and spraying pre cum all over. Sam bends over for him and grabs his cock as he mounts her. She quickly guides him into her pussy and Spot takes off like a jackhammer. pounding away at her at her pussy. Good thing Sam is on the shorter side as Spot has just enough height to be able to drive into her. His head is off to one side of her with his tongue hanging out. He pushes his knot into Sam and she immediately starts rubbing her clit as he has slowed fucking her. I watch as he turns ass to ass with her and then it is a replay of yesterday. I cum all over the fence marking my territory just as Spot will tomorrow.

So this has been my week. It is Friday and I am eager to see if Sam is going to continue her daily routine of getting pumped full of canine semen before starting her day? I finish my garden work which is coming along quite well and then head to the fence to my personal perverted viewing area. I don’t have to wait long when the door opens and Sam and Spot come outside. Spot pisses where I am standing and then Sam calls him over and he eagerly runs to her – hopping around and trying to get her on all fours so he can mount her. Sam gets him calmed down and starts stroking him just as I start stroking my own cock. I watch as I have all week – mounting her sexy ass and Sam guiding him into her. I am enjoying the show with a myriad of thoughts going through my head when I feel something wet. I look down and see Jen licking my cock!!

“What the hell are you doi …?!” Jen cuts me off and puts her fingers to her lips telling me to be quiet. She points at the fence and whispers to keep watching. I look down at her and then at the hole in the fence and then back at her kneeling at my feet. She smiles at me and then nods towards the fence. I look through the hole as I have all week and see Spot turned ass to ass. I then feel my cock slide into Jen’s mouth and her sucking on it. I look down at her and then back to the fence. I am on sensory overload. Seeing Sam and the dog, Jen sucking away at my cock. She is gorgeous like her mom and sister. 34B chest, dark hair down her back, pretty face even prettier with my cock hanging out of it. This is more than I can take. I had gotten pretty good with timing my release with Sam and the dog, but this was totally unexpected. I run my hand through Jenna’s hair and then grab a handful of it on the back of her head. Just as I do I push her head onto my cock and explode in her mouth and down her throat.

Jen coughs and tries to push her head off of me but I hold her hair harder looking down at her – eyes bulging open and coughing on my cock. I let her hair go and she immediately pulls her head back – still coughing and gasping for air. As she kneels there panting I can see my cum dripping from the roof of her mouth and onto her tongue. I mouth the word swallow to her. She closes her mouth and I hear her swallowing. She finishes and opens her mouth to show me it is all gone. Jen stands up and kisses me on the neck. She then tells me that her dad fucks the shit out of their mom as they both watch Sam and the dog out the back window. I watch as she heads to the corner of the fence, moves a couple of loose boards, smiles, waves and says nice to meet you as she moves through the fence and puts the boards back in place. I am still standing there with my flaccid cock hanging down and thinking what a fucked up neighborhood this has turned out to be.

If this goes over decently enough will see about working on the rest of this. As always comments are welcome. Always good to hear what those of you who read these think about what we publish.


Nama saya Kartika, usia 25 tahun dengan tinggi 168 cm, berat 53 kg, asli orang bandung, kulit putih bersih, ukuran payudara saya yang 34C termasuk lumayan untuk gadis seusia saya….

Nama gadis itu sebut saja alyssa, usianya baru 19 tahun, prestasinya banyak, tinggi, dan kecantikannya merupakan kecantikan khas indonesia. sayang sekali, ia tergiur untuk menjadi bintang terkenal, sperti dinni aminarti…

Ini adalah kisah ku pertama kali berselingkuh dengan teman sekantor dan ternyata membuatku ketagihan dengan kenikmatan yang kudapatkan. Langsung baca biar gak penasaran Sebut saja nama ku Cinta, wanita umur…


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